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SAMSIM delivers engineering solutions that are innovative, sustainable, cost effective, meet customer specifications, and follow industry and regulatory standards.  When you choose SAMSIM for your projects, you get:

engineering Mouse trap

Simple Solutions

Albert Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."  SAMSIM embraces this concept by providing simple solutions to complex engineering problems. We avoid building mouse traps.

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Complex Problems

With a range of simulation, 3D prototype, experimental and engineering capabilities, SAMSIM is ready to take your project from the drawing board to reality.

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Customer Focused

SAMSIM holds paramount safety, environmental and regulatory requirements in the performance of our duties. We provide high quality engineering services on time and under budget, using the latest technology and software.


"Sam is an extremely skilled and capable engineer.  He communicates effectively, thoroughly, and has worked tirelessly to complete this project...."
"...If you're looking for a dedicated and true professional to complete mission critical tasks, you should seriously consider Sam."

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Screen shot from original SAMSIM © software first released in July 2005

The Short Story

Here's the short story of how and why SAMSIM was founded.  As a process engineer, I frequently needed to do calculations involving physical, chemical and transport properties of components and mixtures.  This was often a time consuming, repetitive task, so I started working at home on a software program to calculate these properties.  The result was a simple to use program that is accurate, consistent, and saves time.  Since then, SAMSIM has evolved into a specialized engineering and software firm.