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Sam Davis


SAMSIM LLC was founded in 2005 by Sam Davis, with the launch of his chemical property simulation software. Building on that, clients soon began asking for engineering services, such as determining production costs; developing processes; process design; simulation; industrial controls; materials selection; product formulation and development; batch, pilot and laboratory studies and custom software.

Our customers range from start-ups to factories that have been around for centuries. Examples of projects worked on in recent years include cosmetics formulations and processing; automation and controls of industrial processes; carbon sequestration; development of a process for biodiesel from algae; 3D prototypes; economic estimates; custom software; renewable energy storage solutions and open innovation teams.

jewelry manufacturing

Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry process or product design:  This sterling silver ring designed with 3D CAD and investment cast, demonstrates our prototype capability.

cosmetics formulation

Cosmetics Formulation

Cosmetic formulation and processing:  Picture above shows saw tooth blades used for dispersion mixing of emulsions and pigments.

process controls

Process Controls

PLC, HMI, Model Based Control, Custom Software:  The above example code shows the use of OPC to read/write data between a PC and PLC in real time. 

open innovation


R&D, Open Innovation Teams, Patents, Prototypes:  The process above was a solution developed to recover silver trapped in a silica matrix.

process simulation

Process Simulation

Chemical, Biotech, Metallurgical, Piping Networks and Pressure Relief Devices:  Example above shows simulation of process to make biodiesel.

thermodynamic calculations


Pourbaix diagrams, speciation versus pH, mollier diagrams, high temperature equilibrium reactors, phase diagrams, etc...:  Graph above shows a Pourbaix diagram for Ag-S

color spectroscopy

Color Spectroscopy

CIELab, color matching, chemical analysis, corrosion, optical density, color strength, UV inhibitors:  Picture above shows using color spectroscopy to match colors of nail lacquer.



Wastewater treatment, biofuels, flocculation, PBR, fermentation:  The picture above shows a catalyst lined microreactor for converting waste cooking oil to biofuel.

process design

Process Design

Process flow diagrams, heat and material balances, P&ID's, economic estimates, specifications, bill of materials, design reviews:  Shown above is a section of a typical P&ID.


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