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Engineering Services

Our engineering services include process/product development and design, economic estimates, process controls, custom software development, and formulation.

Research and development


Process/Product/Software development: Whether it be creating something new and innovative or making improvements to an existing technology, SAMSIM can take your ideas and provide an engineering solution to meet all of your specifications.

Design and economic estimates


Our designs include 3D drawings, simulations, PFD's and P&ID'S. Engineering calculations are used to size equipment and select materials, which is incorporated into a BOM. Cost estimates, such as COGS, NPV, OPEX, and CAPEX may be provided also.

process controls

Process Controls

PLC, HMI, Model Based Control, Controller Tuning, Custom Software: Using the customers specifications and process safety information, a controls description is written and translated to PLC logic. The HMI consists of a touch screen with controls for manual and automatic operation.

Custom software development


SAMSIM has experience creating stand-alone Windows applications, VBA applications in MS Excel and MS Access, and web based applications. Projects range from specialized engineering applications to custom controls.

Cosmetics Formulation


Whether it be formulating an alloy, cosmetic product or a specialized solvent, SAMSIM can handle all your formulation needs. Our comprehensive approach to formulation includes research, development and sample preparation.

3D Prototypes


Using a 3D model and rapid prototype machines, SAMSIM can produce detailed wax or plastic prototypes. Prototypes can also be cast in a variety of metals and machined, painted, electroplated, and polished to your specifications.

color spectroscopy

Color Spectroscopy

CIELab, color matching, chemical analysis, corrosion, optical density, color strength, UV inhibitors:  Picture above shows using color spectroscopy to determine copper concentration in solution.



Plating is used for a variety of purposes, such as preventing corrosion; decoration; and creating layered surfaces. SAMSIM's plating equipment includes a rectifier and electrodes to plate a range of metals, such as gold, nickel, and rhodium.

Investment casting


Our equipment includes mold making; vacuum investment casting; heat treatment; and polishing and mass finishing. SAMSIM can also simulate your casting process and make recommendations for spruing, mold temperature and casting temperature.


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